May 2015

Update @ CADEM

  • Update on Loretta Sanchez




AVANCE Democratic Club Reception

Avance ‘s mixer at Catal was a huge success.  We had over 100 attendees and made some new friends from all over California.   Christopher Bianco Arellano

Here are some photos of the mixer.

catal and board

Latinos, Harris and Sanchez: Update from CADEMS

Yesterday was the first of the convention and it was filled with many caucuses, workshops and panels. One interesting panel was Raising California: Democrats’ Drive for Income Equality.  This is was a pertinent discussion as Americans are wrestling with the minimum wage questions.  How much money is fair and reasonable for employers to pay, and how much money is essential to support and raise a family.

The Kamala Harris and Loretta Sanchez  race for the Senate has been a hot topic thus far.  Many non-Latino delegates have asked why would Loretta enter the race now?  Well, the race is next year and many Latino delegates think Loretta is well qualified and that her entering the race brings in new ideas and policy issues that are important to the Latino community.  Christopher Bianco Arellano

20 Latino Democrats to watch over the next 20 years (with PHOTO GALLERY) – Texas on the Potomac

Source: 20 Latino Democrats to watch over the next 20 years (with PHOTO GALLERY) – Texas on the Potomac

Latinos Head to California Democratic Convention

Latino Los Angeles Commissioners

Getting ready to attend the 2015 Democratic Convention in Aneheim. Avance Democratic Club will be hosting a mixer at Catal Restaurant on Saturday, May 16th. Register here.

This is an important event for Avance Democratic Club to introduce itself to the Statewide Democrats. Avance is committed to organizing Latinos in Los Angles for political power and gearing up for the 2016 presidential election. Christopher Bianco Arellano

Source: California Democrats Convention